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Provide the ultimate 24/7 unattended retail experience With immediate product access. The automated store solution bridge the gap between Retailers and today’s on the go consumers by providing A valuable and most needed additional layer for product access. One can place an order by a Mobile App, on line Web Site, or at the Automated Store at any point of time, pay with wide used payment methods, And either engage with the product dispensed immediately, Receive it at a designated smart locker, or have it supplied at home.

  • support a verity of hardware options.
  • BI management- facilitation of data collection for direct marketing purposes and market analysis.
  • Web based Management system for 100% control of all locations.
  • Support all payment methods (cash, Credit card, debit card mobile and more).
  • Order submission and product engagement available on all major platforms (on premise, online and mobile devices).
  • 24/7 product access.
  • Human like avatar interface.
  • Voice activated in any language.
  • Gesture control.
  • Gender and age recognition.
  • PCI compliant.
  • Real time remote reporting and inventory management.

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